About us

The East Tosa Alliance  is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to encourage and advocate for economic sustainability and growth in East Tosa, thereby improving the quality of life of its residents and bolstering a feeling of community between our 16-block trade district and its five surrounding neighborhood groups.


East Tosa is a progressive, walkable, urban community offering niche shopping and dining experiences interconnecting with vibrant, established neighborhoods.


In response to this sense of decline and neglect, the North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance (the Alliance) convened key stakeholders who are committed to encouraging and advocating for economic sustainability and growth in East Tosa. The Alliance, established as a grass-roots coalition, worked to identify, prioritize and address the economic sustainability of North Avenue in East Tosa.  As an incorporated entity, the Alliance is working towards a systemic, proactive solution to define and brand the area with a sense of location and grace.

There are five active neighborhood associations within the East Tosa district: Tosa East Towne, Inglewood Heights, Washington Highlands, Pabst Park and Old Hillcrest Neighborhood Associations.  In addition, there is a business association, East Town Business and Merchants Association (ETBMA), in the trade district.  The Alliance will cultivate the many voices of these groups into one solid vision.


In accordance with the organization’s bylaws, the Alliance shall:

–  Comply with the guiding principles of Healthy Communities by Design and Smart Growth to ensure our actions foster the development of a healthy living environment that reduces health risks and promotes better lifestyle choices

–  Stabilize and revitalize our outlined district – East Tosa on North Avenue

–  Develop, promote partnerships which help develop jobs

–  Develop the organization to be financially stable and sustainable

–  Stimulate community pride and facilitate civic action and municipal improvements in the District.

–  Provide a non-partisan framework for coordinating community planning, development and management in the District

–  Encourage and facilitate public-private cooperation and coordination of activities to combat community deterioration and improve the physical environment, aesthetics, social welfare  and economic condition of the District

–  Organize, sponsor and coordinate activities and events that promote the District, strengthen community bonds, enhance its image and generate economic opportunities

–  Educate and inform citizens, business owners and property owners on topics of interest and concern to the District

–  Facilitate citizen involvement in community improvement plans, programs and projects

–  Encourage and promote reinvestment in community infrastructure, commerce and industry to create and retain jobs for the community

–  Promote and develop programs, projects and services to revitalize declining neighborhoods and business districts